Jaeson Dandalides, CMA-CGM

Jaeson Dandalides is a seasoned professional in the realm of international trade, specifically within the agricultural sector. Currently serving as the Trade Director of Trade Projects and Agriculture at CMA-CGM America (LLC) he began his journey in the industry with ZIM Integrated Shipping Services.  After ZIM he took on a role of Contract and Logistics Manager at Fornazor International, a prominent agriculture BCO. Here, he honed his skills in managing complex contracts and logistics operations, navigating the challenges inherent in the agricultural supply chain.

As the Trade Director of Trade Projects Agriculture at CMA-CGM America (LLC), Jaeson Dandalides plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's strategies and operations in the agricultural trade sector and in inland projects related to export containers.  He has developed numerous boutique programs bringing containers closer to ag products in key sectors including soybeans, dried distiller grains, whey proteins, hay, and cotton.

In addition to his work life, Jaeson serves a director on Norfolk’s Economic Development Authority and holds a bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University.